New Ventures

For those of you who might not be aware Patreon is an awesome site where you can support the artists and independent makers you love while getting some cool rewards, or as someone else much smarter than I put it-you get value for value. So why did I join? I’ve been wanting to do some more ambitious projects that are very time consuming and can’t with my current level of support, but you can help. For pledging a certain amount per month you get some awesome rewards like free ebooks when they release, naming characters/places, your name in the books and … Continue reading

Announcing Kathya Unbound

The fourth installment of Rei’s adventure is coming May 26th, preorder your copy today! Synopsis: Alone. Rei might have succeeded in regaining what what was taken from her, but that seems to be her fate. At least it’s not like she doesn’t have things to pass the time. The gears of war still churn and Rei needs to stay one step ahead of those who seek to put her back in chains for their own purposes. All seems to be going well, but one treasure changes everything. Old enemies have caught up with her and Rei finds herself back in a … Continue reading

Things Are Coming

First off I have a blanket apology- this past Kathya book has been a long time coming, much longer than I’d like for one reason or another. This is also why as much as they’d probably help with marketing I don’t declare a final release date until I’m at least 80% sure I can deliver and even then I give a lot of leeway for things going wrong. Still, I’m behind my self appointed schedule but I’m happy to finally announce here I have things coming! Now what things are that? Well, you’ll have to wait until Monday, though I … Continue reading

Seeking Name for Cute Spirit

So as I ‘ve wrote book 4 of The Chronicles of the Kathya  I’ve began to notice a fundamental problem. What started off as a small role has expanded into yet another companion for our dear Rei. The problem being the character is still referred to more in this light than a permanent fixture to the Kathya. So we’re going to have a little contest to come up with a name for this character. Description from Shadow of the Storm (Book 2): A paw emerged from behind one of the treasure piles. Rei redoubled her grip in response with wide … Continue reading

A Few Quick Site Updates

It took forever to get done but just and FYI the individual book pages on the site now reflect all the places you can purchase the Chronicle of the Kathya books for quick reference and Captured Spark now has it’s own page. As a heads up for those in the program Captured Spark leaves Kindle Unlimited at the end of the month, the 28th I think is the exact day.  In addition, as a heads up, I’m still working on getting all the books back on iTunes, I’ve just had a backlog of stuff going on. Once that happens I’ll … Continue reading

Captain’s Log- Part One

So I finally managed to pull Rei away from her adventures enough to sit down to this interview. If you have any further questions for her or any other character (or have a request for an interview) leave them in the comments.   I- Out of all the things you’ve experienced what has affected you the most? R- I see we’re starting out a bit heavy. You mean besides the obvious? Well… I suppose if I had to actually chose one it’s been finding this ship. It’s given me a lot of things I thought I lost, even if I … Continue reading

A Quick Update

Since the date  for the first book is rapidly approaching, I wanted to give a heads up that bit by bit the Chronicles of the Kathya books will be leaving Select. Forgotten Relics will be available on all platforms on or after Febrary 9th. Shadow of the Storm will be available on all platforms on or after February 22nd. Countdown deal will run for it Feb- 7-8 for 99 cents! Captured Spark will be available on all platforms on or after March 29th. Countdown deal will run from Feb 7-9 for 99n cents!  

Enter 2016

Another year is upon us and I realize that overall this blog/ site has been pretty quiet. That in part is because I typically adopt the social media policy of if I don’t have anything interesting to say then I won’t say it. This on top of just being busy with graduate school, writing and well… life. That said, I do have a bunch of half finished posts that will likely be brought out in the next few weeks including my typical year in review post. That said, onto the main reason for this post: what awaits in 2016. Tentative … Continue reading