Birthright Secrets

Epic Fantasy/ Romance Fantasy series of books that follow the adventures of the hired blade, Liz and her companions in the land of Segennya.

Books in this Series:

Vengeance of Segennya (Book One)

Darkness’s Fury (Book Two)

Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story – Standalone novella that bridges the gap between Vengeance of Segennya and Darkness’s Fury.


  1. I have just finished the books in this series and am a little confused as to the last publishing date and the 3rd/(final?) book not being out yet. I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and I am eager to continue or finish it.

    • Sheri,
      I’m really glad you enjoyed them! Unfortunately things took me away from this series for the past year or so as much as I wanted to continue it right away. That said, I do have plans to release at least another book in the series this year, though I don’t have an exact date yet. I’m hoping to have a better idea once my current projects wrap up this month. When I do though I’ll definitely be announcing it here though!

      Sorry for the lengthy reply to a simple question. 😀

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