Darkness’s Fury- Book Two


Despite the rather turbulent year, Liz and her fellow Segennyians look forward to the future as their rebuilding efforts continue. Still, whispers and shadows of plots continue to reach her ears, and those that know their unseen enemy won’t—or can’t—give the needed information to reveal them. Only one thing is certain: a storm is brewing and now it’s a matter of being able to stop it.

Despite the threat hanging over her head, Liz refuses to give into fear. Life goes on, and soon the first true holiday Segennya has celebrated openly in years is upon them. It is a time to reflect, to hope, and to make new promises as everyone gathers together once more. As the land awakens for spring the first rumblings of the storm come. The old allies are split, as magic gathers in the south near the old Uranysian capital. The promised storm looms as all of Segennya marches for war, to hopefully stop the oncoming darkness and force their enemy finally into the open.

Expected Release: December 1st, 2014

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