Kakri: A Birthright Secrets Story


The Gods have long been silent in Segennya, but that’s about to change. 

Kakri has long watched Segennya fight and struggle from a distance. Liz’s new age has so much potential she can’t help but step in and try to preserve it. Tensions still run which doesn’t make the task easy. Making matters more complicated someone is using them to start a hunt for treasure long lost even to the Gods as a means of stirring up mischief. 

It seems as though Kakri’s plans against this are working; at least until the day Liz and the Goddess find themselves trapped below the earth. As the pair attempt to find a way out, they discover the earth has treasures of its own and won’t let them go easy. Soon, a battle ensues to navigate and survive as a mistake of Kakri’s resurfaces and proves far worse than she thought.

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