Legacy’s Price

Lady Ekesi Segen isn’t the typical noble. Her closest friends are among the business owners of Ravenwood and she has a penchant for putting her own foot in her mouth. She also wields a magic unlike any other- a magic that hasn’t been seen since the age of the Rogue Queen.

It is this magic that helped land her in her most recent round of trouble—a duel gone wrong. While she’s busy paying for her crimes, others in Segennya conspire against her. To make matters worse, the King is missing and leaves a weak throne. To get to the bottom of the mysteries Ekesi must learn about a past she didn’t know she had. Unfortunately, the knowledge places Ekesi in the midst of a battle of warring forces. At the end of it all, she must decide if she is going to carve her own place in Segennya’s history or fulfill prophecy.

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Smoke effect on cover provided by the talented Lileya over on Deviant Art  

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